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Personal Training & Wellness Lifestyle Solutions

At Inspirefit, we offer personal training at home, work or our private facility in Burlington. We can train people of all ages and sizes, and believe with the right help and training you can achieve anything. Before you start your training, we will do an assessment to develop a personal plan of action for you. We work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals; call us to schedule an appointment.


Personal Training (at our studio)

Our professional personal trainers will work with you one on one to develop a personalized fitness and lifestyle program to fit your personal goals and logistics. Our clean, modern, well equipped facility (see gallery for pictures) has all the equipment necessary for a complete workout with lots of variety and creativity. Our exercise programs are based on individual client Active Daily Living (ADL) needs.

Personal Training (in your home)

For those that enjoy the convenience of having a trainer come to their homes, we offer this service to individuals and families. For our home clients who need fitness equipment, we also offer home gym design services.

A Healthier Life - We can create a fitness plan that works for you

Holistic Lifestyle Consulting/Coaching

Looking for that total package of fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle? If your goal is to have the best chance of living a healthy, long and happy life, we can definitely help! We have the knowledge, experience and professional support to help our clients be the best that they can be. The Process of Positive Lifestyle Change that we follow step by step with our clients is outlined briefly below:

1) Introduction: We do an evaluation of the client's goals and priorities for health, fitness, success, leisure, stress, athletics, career and time management, and overall happiness.

2) Initial Evaluation: We do a fairly detailed workup on each one of those factors to determine where the clients are already succeeding and where they can improve.

3) Implementation: With the client's assistance, we devise a detailed plan/timeline for lifestyle change that is workable, realistic, yet yields positive results.

4) Accountability/Progress Evaluation: Periodic (weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly) updates to review, evaluate and revise the client's goals and progress toward them.

5) Education/Internalization: Being a successful wellness client requires overall health and wellness to also become a hobby. To us, this is the most important factor for success! By internalizing and becoming interested in your own health and wellness, the likelihood of your success becomes much greater. We encourage our clients to constantly educate themselves and others on various wellness related topics.

Fitness and Body Composition Testing

For our clients, we offer periodic fitness testing and/or body composition analysis. These help our clients with some of their goal setting and evaluation processes.

Nutritional Consultation

We can consult with our clients on basic nutrition and lifestyle issues and help clients develop a basic nutritional game plan. For specific nutritional needs, we refer our clients to highly qualified holistic nutritionists.

Corporate or Group Wellness Seminars

For companies or groups that are wellness oriented—and why wouldn't they be?—we can present on various topics of health and wellness. We have various specialists who speak very well about issues in their fields. Some examples of topics could be the following:

  • Developing an overall plan for health and wellness
  • The psychology behind motivation and success
  • Dogma and myths in nutrition and health, sometimes there is a better way
  • Natural ways to prevent disease and be healthy
  • How to make healthy changes with a busy lifestyle
  • Dealing positively with negative stress
  • Benefits of a healthy workforce
  • How to think to be happy and healthy
  • Fitness conditioning for golf and tennis

If you have a health or wellness topic in mind that is not listed here, please let us know and we will be happy to consider it!

Corporate or Group Fitness Programs

Inspirefit can visit your company and do wellness and fitness assessments on your employees to create an awareness of their health issues. From there, we can develop action plans for the individuals within groups. We can also help groups or employers design and set up their in-house fitness facilities. Some examples of on-site wellness activities may include the following:

  • Periodic wellness seminars (see above)
  • Personal training
  • Group exercise classes or yoga
  • Periodic fitness and wellness testing for employees
  • Personal exercise plans for employees
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