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Inspirefit Is Now Offering On-Site Physiotherapy!

Physiotherapy can be of benefit for people suffering from various chronic pain issues and people dealing with injury or surgical rehabilitation and recovery. Our qualified physiotherapists will assess patients and develop a plan of treatment, which will then be administered by qualified staff.

In addition, most private health insurance benefits will cover physiotherapy treatments (up to various limits); also, all initial assessments will be free of charge!

Call 905-634-2224 or email for questions or to book a free initial assessment.

Examples of issues that can benefit from physiotherapy treatment:

  • Headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Jaw (TMJ) pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder/rotator cuff injuries
  • Thigh, hamstring and groin pain and strains
  • ACL/MCL injuries
  • Tendonitis (various)
  • And many other joint pain issues and injury rehabilitation!

Burlington’s Inspirefit Inc.: Fitness for the Body and Mind

At Inspirefit Inc., we offer private and semi-private personal training, either in your home or in our fully equipped private studio. We also do corporate or group seminars on many health and wellness topics and corporate personal training programs. Inspirefit offers something different than your standard health club fare; the environment is friendly and non-intimidating. Our facility is strictly for personal training with our clients, so there are no large crowds and no memberships. Find out more information about our services or learn about the success stories of our clients.

Our team works with all age groups and backgrounds, professionals, athletes, executives, retirees and so on, all with unique sets of goals. Our trainers are fully certified fitness professionals and are highly experienced and mature. We offer very competitive rates, no initiation, no monthly fees and no contracts. If our services sound like something you may be interested in, we offer a free consultation (by appointment only). Contact us at 905-634-2224 to book an appointment.

Our Philosophy

More than merely a fitness workout. At Inspirefit, we want to offer our clients much more than just a fitness workout. We strive for our clients to achieve overall health and wellness through a balanced lifestyle and constant education. We treat our clients as our friends and honestly care about their well-being. Basically, if we don't have our health, nothing else matters. We therefore feel what we are doing is extremely important for our clients.

Mind, body and spirit. In order to achieve complete lifelong health and wellness, we must understand and balance the following:

  • Our body and the mechanisms by which it functions.
  • Our mind and how our thoughts influence our actions, behaviour and our health.
  • Our spirit and how we can use it to tie everything together to make us fulfilled.

Lifestyle Changes

At Inspirefit, we believe that lifelong results can only be achieved through permanent lifestyle changes. We do not subscribe to any quick fixes which never give permanent results and can have negative impact on long-term health. Small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact over the long-term and are easy to maintain. But these changes can only be made when the client makes a decision to make health their number one priority. We have a list of resources that can help with your lifestyle changes.

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We are not interested in selling gimmicky products or supplements. We are only interested in honestly helping our clients create their own "Wellness for a Lifetime" through our services.

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